AMOS II Kindergarten 2010-2011

The First Six Weeks of School- Week 4

The Week in Review

Travis puts a special message in a friend's mailbox.

The kindergartners have approached the halfway mark of “the first six weeks of school.”  This week we did a guided discovery of the message center.  The students had conversations about why we write letters as opposed to just telling someone something.  We learned how to write and identify the salutation “Dear.”  We also wrote our letters to family members and will be mailing them early next week. Our read aloud(s) for the week focused on the mail and writing letters to special people in our lives, they were Dear Primo, a Letter to My Cousin, A Letter To Amy , Here Comes Mr. Eventoff  With the Mail, Mail and How it Moves, Double The Ducks,  Anno’s Counting Book, and Look, Look, Look.  In math, the students focused on comparing lengths, identifying positions of objects using appropriate language, and naming the shapes of pattern blocks.  The new shapes we learned are the red trapezoid, yellow hexagon, blue rhombus , and tan rhombus.  Ask your child to create these shapes for you using crayons and paper or other art materials.

Have a great weekend!


Shalaya makes a picture with the pattern blocks.




  • School will be closed on Wednesday, September 21st due to staff development.


  • Thank you to all of the parents who attended “Back to School Night” on Thursday.  We are going to have a great school year!


  • SHARE TOPIC:  Bring in a picture of your family and a baby picture.   Please be prepared to explain who is in the picture of your family and how old you were in the baby picture.  These photos will be kept by us for a display.


  • Please send in an inexpensive picture frame to fit your child’s baby picture.  The Dollar Store is a great place to look if you need to purchase one.


  • Please donate trinkets for our classroom treasure box. The Dollar Store is a great place to look!


Christopher writes a letter to his Papa.

  • Please donate empty grocery store bags to the classroom.


  • Reminder: Home work will be given out on Fridays.  Friday’s homework is due the following Friday.   Please do the homework with your child and not for them.  The work’s purpose is to give your child extra practice at home with the concepts that we are exploring in the classroom. Please remember that home links are to stay home for your reference.


  • We have placed student mail slots on the sign in table.  Please place homework and folders in your child’s mail slot on Friday mornings.

The students are working with geometric shapes.

  • Our class is in need of parent volunteers for morning breakfast from 8:00 a.m. to 8:25 a.m.  The duties will include picking up the breakfast bags from the cafeteria, helping the students set up, open breakfast items, and clean up their area after eating.  A breakfast duty calendar will be placed on the parent board outside of the classroom. Please  sign your name on the date that you would like to volunteer.  Breakfast ends promptly at 8:25 a.m. A special thank you to Mrs.  Duran (Robert’s mom) for helping the children with breakfast this week.



  • This week a healthy snack will be provided by:  Christopher, DaJorn, Luis, and Mamadou.  Please provide enough snack for 20 students.  Thank you to all of the parents who donated snack on time last week.


  • Next week we will be mailing our letters to our family members.  Please send in a 44 cent stamp if you have not already done so.  We will be mailing the letters to the address that you provided on your enrollment form. Please let us know if there is another address you would like us to use.


  • Save the date;  Tuesday, October 25, 2011, field trip to Green Meadows Farm.   More details to follow. Please inform us if you wish to chaperone ASAP.


  • Please continue to bring in any clean glass jars of any size with the matching lids.   


Dajorn creates a pattern.

  • Please remember to pick up some book logs.  They can be found on the wall near our classroom’s cubbies.  Our goal is for each child to read 200 books.




Have a great weekend,

Mrs. Watts- Jenkins & Ms. Ariel


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